Investment Strategy

We plan to generate superior risk adjusted returns from operating the SJ Lux™ platform, the InfinityLux™ Travel Club, and the luxury real estate that we acquire.

We will buy high-potential real estate assets at attractive cap rates. We will acquire real estate (prime or underperforming) at competitive values, and accelerate their values via renovations, conversions, or adaptive reuse.

We will brand extraordinary properties that are aligned with our obsessive focus on service excellence. And when we can match world-beating locations with attractive deal structures, and mitigate construction risks, we will build. We will build new properties in high-opportunity, low-volatility markets with a strong tourist/traveler footprint.

Surrounded by generalists who pursue quantity, we are specialists who obsess about quality.

Our mission is to leverage our deep expertise to create value for investors and property owners by delivering above-market results. We are opportunistic yet clear-eyed in targeting markets. We do not ignore challenges, but we are not afraid of challenges.

Investment Structure
5 Year Growth Targets-Timeline and Critical Milestones