Our Story

Luxury Living Reimagined

St. Justine Luxury is an ultra-luxury hospitality brand poised to redefine luxury hospitality. The brand will help discerning travelers unlock access to some of the world’s finest hospitality assets.

St. Justine's board of directors includes some of the world's top hospitality leaders and CEOs who have founded or co-founded notable hospitality brands such as the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, Capella Hotels, International Hospitality Institute, and the Boutique Lodging and Lifestyle Association (BLLA).  

St. Justine will offer SJ Lux™, a cutting-edge software-as-a-service technology platform that will host some of the world's finest ultra-luxe hospitality assets; the InfinityLux™ Travel Club, conceptualized as the world's most exclusive club; and St. Justine Hotels and Residences, breath-taking, ultra-luxe properties located in the world’s top destinations.

SJ Lux™ will offer one-stop access to the full spectrum of ultra-luxe travel, including hotels, villas, private jets, luxury yachts, private islands, private cruises, and excursions/safaris. On SJ Lux™, travelers seeking sublimity, privacy, and total immersion will be able to book some of the world’s most spectacular assets.

The InfinityLux™ Travel Club will offer annual memberships to affluent travelers seeking unique, regenerative, and transformative, travel experiences. Memberships will be limited and exclusive.

St. Justine properties will operate in some of the world’s most magnificent and postcard-perfect destinations, offering stunning vistas, tourist/local attractions, turquoise waters, pristine beaches, dazzling snow-capped mountains, and ski resorts. Some of these destinations include, Amalfi Coast, Aspen, Bali, Cape Town, Dubai, Dubrovnik, Honolulu, Lake Como, Lisbon, the Maldives, Maui, Miami, New York City, Park City, Utah, Paris, Rome, and Santorini.

St. Justine Hotels and Residences will feature extraordinary spaces and operate at the intersection of luxury, obsessive customer service, and technology. The properties will deliver bespoke travel adventures, top-of-the-line amenities, and differentiated luxury, creating unforgettable experiences for singles, couples, and families.